D-PATH Dermatopathology develops seamless integration with the industry leading Dermatology Specific EMR – EMA Dermatology.

Secure, real-time interface between the systems ensures that your pathology results are intelligently routed back into EMA Dermatology. Cloud-based, the combination provides the practice secure, anytime, anywhere, any-device access to the results.

About EMA: A Dermatology Specific EMR that Saves You Time

Time is your most valuable resource. Designed by a dermatologist, EMA incorporates features that save you time and money. Its intuitive user interface reveals only the pertinent information for any given scenario. Your eyes and your fingers go to what you need, generating your notes seconds.

EMA Automates Your Documents

EMA understands that dermatologists don’t like to repeat themselves.

Without costing you a second, your notes, your prescriptions, your pathology sheet, your billing forms and your lab forms are generated – all based on your diagnosis. Touch the diagnosis and EMA does the rest.

EMA Adapts to You

EMA knows that no two dermatologists practice the same way.

Like a good medical assistant, EMA learns how you like to perform your procedures and how you like to write your prescriptions for any given diagnosis. No templates, no macros, no customization – EMA simply analyzes your patterns and anticipates what you’ll want.

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